• Sofi Weckman

    Sofi Weckman

  • Kalle Mäkelä

    Kalle Mäkelä

    Everything techy and syfy get's my brain tingeling

  • Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett

  • Terrence Pugh

    Terrence Pugh

    Full-time software engineer and student. Passionate about education, technology, and other captivating topics. Education includes BS & MS in Computer Science.

  • Mafuj Shikder

    Mafuj Shikder

    Java Devloper◆Spring Boot◆Microservices ◆Rest Api ◆Spring Security ◆Jsp ◆Servlet ◆Android ◆Spring Mvc ◆Docker◆ ORM ◆Hibernate at Knocktechbd

  • Severi Haverila

    Severi Haverila

  • Yunhui Zhou

    Yunhui Zhou

    UX design | GTM & GA | Digital Marketing | BetterME

  • Smit Maurya

    Smit Maurya

    Avid Reader, Research Analyst, Growth Hacker. Transforming ideas and visions into Digital Reality.

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